【Cuisine】From the modest amount of colorful Matsukado plan to the seasonal four seasons kaiseki cuisine plan, etc.
【Hot Springs】Onsen surrounded by nature are exceptional!
【room】It is possible to choose from 3 types of Japanese style, Western style, Japanese + Western style.

【Official】Greenpia Yame


From 10/15, we will be open for normal business due to the cancellation of the Fukuoka Corona alarm.

Autumn special kaiseki meal accommodation plan

  • "Grilled Matsutake Mushroom and Yame Wagyu Beef Loin" Special Kaiseki Cooking plan 1 night 2 meals from 11,800 yen

    Period October 1st to December 12th, 2021
    ◎ Autumn leaves season has arrived!
    From mid-October to mid-November Dodantsutsuji and 500 maple trees turn red.

    And dinner is a kaiseki meal using the autumn taste "Matsutake".Please enjoy eating with Yame Kuroki Wagyu" and "Yame Charcoal So Chicken" recommended by the chief chef.
    Please spend a relaxing time in the nature of autumn.

    ·Autumn appetizer Hassun
    ·Steamed mushroom pot
    ·Yame Charcoal So Chicken Harihari-nabe
    ·Yame Kuroki, steamed matsutake mushrooms with cocotte and colorful vegetables
    ·Potatoes of matsutake
    ·A total of 11 items including special desserts

Autumn luxury kaiseki accommodation plan

Greenpia Yame popular №1 accommodation plan

  • <Shikisai>Accommodation plan 1 night 2 meals from 8,880 yen

    Period Until March 31, 2022 ※Exclusion date 12/31 to 1/2

    Greenpia Yame popular No.1
    Please enjoy the taste of the season and Yame Tachibana Charcoal Sodori" and local vegetables!

    ·Appetizer/Four seasonal appetizers
    ·Sashimi/Assorted 3 kinds of sashimi
    ·pottery/Sea bass butter saute Domyoji Seasonal vegetable scent
    ·Pan pot/Yame Tachibana charcoal soup chicken (tansodori) aged miso grilled on a ceramic plate
    ·Fried food / cold tea soba with Yame specialty vegetable tempura
    ·Stop bowl/Soup
    ·Pickled Vegetables/Pickles
    ·Rice dish/Five-grain rice kamameshi(Yame rice)
    ·sweetness/Special dessert
    ·10 coffee items in total
    ※The contents may change depending on the season.

Limited to 5 Rooms per Day! From 7,380 yen for 2 meals per night

  • "Colorful Matsukado Zen" accommodation plan 1 night with dinner & breakfast from 7,380 yen

    Period March 31, 2022Until (Thursday) ※Exclusion date 12/29 to 1/3

    【Limited to 5 Rooms per Day】(New) Accommodation plan☆
    Although the amount is slightly smaller than the regular kaiseki cooking plan, it is a colorful set with 9 kinds of ingredients on a plate.
    Besides, I am very satisfied with the hot pot, tempura, and kamameshi!
    Although the amount is small, the number of items is substantial, so please enjoy it leisurely!

    ■Onsen is an alkaline simple spring that springs from about 1,600m underground!
     Please spend a relaxing moment in nature☆

    【Seasonal dishes 9 varieties】
    【Pan pot】
    【Fried food】
    【Pickled Vegetables】
    【Rice dish】
    ※The contents change depending on the season.

Nwe! Winter special kaiseki meal accommodation plan!

  • "Yame Wagyu Beef Tachibana Wine Pot and Migratory Crab" Special Kaiseki Cuisine plan 1 night 2 meals from 11,000 yen

    Period December 13, 2021 to March 20, 2022 ※Exclusion date 12/31 to 1/2
    Please spend a relaxing moment in nature. The winter starry sky is also the best.
    The food is recommended by the chief chef! Using plenty of winter taste "Migration crab" and local vegetables, we Yame Kuroki Wagyu" with "Wine" in YamePlease,Please enjoy eating.

    ·Winter appetizer Hassun
    ·4 kinds of sashimi
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·Yame Kuroki Wagyu Beef Tachibana Wine Hot Pot with Yuzu Kosho from Yabe Village
    ·Deep-fried migrating crab flavor and special seasonal vegetable tempura
    ·Stop bowl
    ·Pickled Vegetables
    ·Five-grain rice kamameshi(Yame rice)
    ·Special desserts and fruits
    ·10 coffee items in total

Winter luxury kaiseki cuisine plan

  • "Honzuwai Crab and Grilled Wagyu Beef Fillet from Yame plan 1 night 2 meals from 16,000 yen

    Period December 13, 2021 to March 20, 2022 ※Exclusion date 12/31 to 1/2

    The meal is "Honzuwai Crab", which the chief chef is particular about, and the soft "Yame Kuroki Wagyu fillet Yame's Kurogimachi And "Yame Joyo pig" which grows up in the clear air of the Mino mountain range Yame Tea
    Both are excellent.Please enjoy eating.

    Winter appetizer Hassun
    4 kinds of sashimi
    Instant grilled crab
    Yame Joyo Pork Harihari Yuzu Flavor Hot Pot
    Yame Kuroki Wagyu fillet with truffle flavor Duxelles
    Chawan-mushi (steamed egg hotchpotch)
    Pork rice with five grain rice(Yame rice)
    Special desserts and fruits
    11 coffee items in total

Information on autumn leaves in the park

  • Currently in full bloom(As of 11/26)

    Autumn leaves season has arrived!  

    Best time to see late October-late November
    Enkianthus Perulatus Approximately 500 shares from late October to late November
    Haze / Maple / Maple 2,000 bottles from late October to late November

    Please spend a relaxing time in nature.

    ※The photo was taken on November 24, 2021.

"Fukuoka's concealed trip" tourism campaign.Accommodation fee up to 10,000 yen is subsidized by 5,000 yen

  • "Fukuoka's concealed trip" Tourism campaign for citizens of the prefecture! Available and sold from 10/15!

    Due to Fukuoka Prefecture's "Tourism Campaign," residents of Fukuoka Prefecture can purchase accommodation vouchers at convenience stores and stay at reasonable prices.Please check the official website for details.

    Usage / sales period
     From October 15th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa to Monday, February 14th, 4th year of Reiwa
     ※Sales "Convenience store accommodation vouchers" will resume at 10 AM.It will end as soon as it is sold out.
     ※It may be suspended due to the influence of the corona.
     Subsidize 1/2 of accommodation fee ※Up to 10,000 yen per person per night
     (Example) Purchase an accommodation voucher worth 10,000 yen at a convenience store for 5,000 yen
     "Regional coupons (2nd and 3rd only)" (can be used at shops, beverages, etc.) are included.

【Lunch】 Restaurant,Takeaway lunch

  • Hotel restaurant lunch is open!

    Business Hours 11: 30-14: 30 Order Stop 14:00

     ●Shokado Lunch 1,250 yen
     ●Tempura and chilled tea soba set meal 1,200 yen
     ●Kuroki Wagyu steak weight 1,700 yen
     ●Omelet rice & Japanese beef steak set 1,600 yen etc.
  • Take-out lunch box. For a walk in the park and cherry blossom viewing!

    Reception hours 11:00 to 14:00
     ※We will deliver it in about 30 minutes from your order. (Excluding deluxe lunch)
    Reception place Hotel front desk,Onsenkan shop.You can make a reservation by phone.0943-42-2400

    menu(tax included)
     ●Kutsurogi no Mori (woods) vacation lunch 1,200 yen
     ●Eel lunch      1,200 yen
     ●Steak lunch     1,200 yen
     ●Curry and rice      700 yen
     ●Hayashi rice      700 yen
     ●Fried chicken       600 yen
     ●potato         400 yen

3 additional dog cottages!

  • It will be on sale from May 5, 2021!

    We will sell 3 cottages B type closest to the hotel as dog cottages.
    It is very close to the hotel, about 2 minutes on foot, and is convenient for Onsen!!
    You can also bring your own barbecue on the balcony!
    Take a walk in nature with your favorite dog!

    <Overnight Stay Plan>
    【Shikisai】Accommodation plan Adults 1 night 2 meals from 9,880 yen
    plan without meals from 13,300 yen per building, etc.

Declaration of prevention of infection with new coronavirus

  • About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

    Greenpia Yame will strictly adhere to the countermeasure items of the Fukuoka Prefecture New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Declaration.
    ·Hand sanitizer pumps are installed in various places.
    ·Please wear a mask in the common space.
    ·Acrylic boards are installed at the reception and checkout areas to prevent splashes.
    ·We will check the temperature and verify your identity if you are staying at the hotel.
    ·The staff checks the temperature and health condition when going to work.In addition, we will provide a service by wearing a mask.
    ·Please understand that the museum may be closed without notice depending on the infection situation in Fukuoka Prefecture or the area.

Ideal for training camps such as sports and training in nature!

  • 【Camping pack】1 Night/ 3 Meals From 7,380 yen,"Training pack" 1 night 2 meals from 8,650 yen

    You can enjoy and concentrate on sports, training, seminars, etc. in nature.After practice, relax and take a refreshing Onsen

     Hotel 29 rooms, capacity 104 people
     19 cottages, capacity 126 people
    2 natural turf soccer fields, 8 tennis courts (artificial turf with sand), gymnasium (2 volleyball or 1 basket or 2 badminton or 5 table tennis), archery field (far, near), artificial turf Futsal field (2 sides), training rooms (5 venues), etc.

Day trip banquet plan(From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022)

  • <We are accepting reservations for banquet plan! >※Reservation required at least 3 days in advance

    Benefits common to all plan(Services)
    ① Pick-up ② Banquet hall ③ Onsen bathing ④ Karaoke

    Day trip party plan
    5,200 yen / 4,200 yen / 3,700 yen

    Hotel accommodation pack
    Sunday-Friday / 5,900 yen
    Saturday, the day before holidays / 6,900 yen

    2 hours/+1,800 yen
    3 hours/+2,300 yen

    ※Reservations are accepted from 10 adults.
    ※We will lend you free of charge for each color.
    Please contact us for details.TEL:0943-42-2400

Facility in the park

  • Banquet Hall

    It is located in the hotel main building and we accept various banquets from celebration to alumni association and legal requirements.
    Kaiseki cuisine from 3,200 yen

    ●Friedlink【10 people or more】
    ·1,800 yen/2 hour ·2,300 yen/3 hour

    ·Ofuji no Ma (60 people and 30 people, accommodating 100 people in all)
    ·Route 111(24 people capacity)
    ·Hyuga-gami(20 people capacity)
    ·Sakura(12 people capacity)
    ·Azalea (accommodating 8 people) etc.
  • Restaurant Creatures

    It is the main restaurant of Greenpia Yame the hotel main building.(80 seats) Chief Chef Recommended lunch to dinner It is possible to use it as a meal place for those who use it on a day trip and stay.

     Shokado Lunch 1,250 yen, Kurogi Wagyu Beef Steak Set Meal 2,100 yen, tempura set meal 1,300 yen, etc.
    【Opening Hours】
     ●Lunch 11: 30-14: 30 Order stop 14:00
     ●Supper 17: 30-21: 00 Order stop 20:00
  • Training room

    You can use it from various training to seminar meeting.

    ·Large training room(Classroom form 84 people, Meeting type 36 people)
    ·Training room(Classroom form 45 people, Meeting type 24 people)
    ·Small training room(Meeting type 10 people)
    ·Meiji no Wing 1st floor (classroom type 90 people, meeting type 42 people, hotel from the hotel 5 minutes walk)
    ·Meiji no Wing 2nd Floor (120 classrooms, 54 meeting types, 5 minutes walk from the hotel)
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Greenpia Yame


10905 Koya, Kurogi Town, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



1 hour 30 minutes when using high speed from Fukuoka city by car

Pick-up presence (condition)
Free pickup(10 or more organizations)···Chikugo District one yen(Reservation required)
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Grand golf pack(10 people or more)

  • All-weather artificial turf ground used

    【Overnight Stay】
    Adult 1 person 9,550 yen(tax included) ※1,000 yen UP on the day before the holiday(tax included)
    ·Half board meal (evening, Morning, Noon)
    ·1 bottle of sake per person at dinner
    ·Use of the banquet hall is OK
    ·Karaoke service
    ·With prizes

    【Day Trip】
    Price per adult 4,000 yen (tax included)
    ·Hot Springs, Banquet, With karaoke
    ·With prizes

Alumni plan

  • Secretary's easy plan

    plan that includes accommodation fee, all-you-can-drink, commemorative photo, guide printing, alumni association list creation

    〈1 Night/ 2 Meals〉
    Male 13,200 yen Female 12,200 yen(Tax, service and hot spring tax included)※Occupancy tax(Additional 200 yen)
    〈Day Trip〉
    Male, 8,800 yen, Female 7,800 yen, (tax included)

    ※Saturday, the day before rest, summer vacation increases by 1,000 yen

    ※It is a reservation for 10 people or more.
    ※Transportation will be provided free of charge.
    ※Dinner is available at the banquet hall.
    ※The second party will be consulted separately.
    ※New Year's Day, Obon is a special rate.

Related facility

  • Yame Brewery "Craft Beer" and "Rakuten Ichiba" are on sale!

    Since April 2021, we have been manufacturing and selling "Craft Beer" at "Bengara Mura (Yame Yame City, a facility related to Greenpia Yame
    Due to facility renovation, Bengara Mura", but you can purchase it at Rakuten Ichiba.Please enjoy eating.

    ●Craft beer is a variety of unique beers made by small breweries.

    Yame Brewery boasts a rich flavor that is a blend of local specialties!
    ■You can buy it at Rakuten Ichiba (set of 6) for 3,500 yen!

    Greenpia Yame / Ike no Sanso (shop).★

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


From 7:00 to 22:00